Property Valuation

At Last, The Secret To valuation Is Revealed

valuation macro view so general market and economic risk legislation and regulation risk property cycle risk and I guess climate and weather is cool and then there’s and sort of been sort of drilled down into the ones that we can control so the first one of those I think it is planning risk and we see that a lot, in fact, think that’s probably for the vast majority of property investors that we actually see is if they don’t have that you know Stephen coveys has begun with the end in mind and reverse-engineer yeah I see a lot of people won’t begin with the end in mine innocently because they don’t know what to do, to begin with, the end in mind yeah but without that the analogy is you just to rattle us yacht whatever breeze come whatever wind blows is what your portfolio is likely to how many every time you see someone whose capital-growth and they’re going to develop and subdivide and do passive income and to options and vendor fine.

They’re just they’re just seminar junkies and without strategy they’re just blowing wherever the wind blows one of the most important ones and I reckon that’s why we live with this one because this is the ones we are in control of so this is about you and this is about what you can do you know you plan to become what you plan to become you’ve heard us talk about this in the podcast before this is where the rubber hits the road once you know what that pathway looks like for yourself I’ve seen far too many people buy properties that they can afford today but can’t afford in there years and they have to flog. visit

The property and lose property valuer online cash so you know this is we ‘re now getting into the hip pocket stuff that has real impact in what it looks like for us so it absolutely critical and we absolutely hard on about this and if I say absolutely one more time slap me but it’s important to understand that plan to become what you plan to become painted how much pretend we can be a farmer not a hunter been a farmer not a hunter you need to know when to plant the crops and when to harvest the crops and so I go for the quick kill straight away so I throw the other spear or have these too many property investors want to be a hunter and get the out came straight away totally be a farmer know when to plant know when to cultivate went to harvest and that’ll serve you all in their planning space all right next one is advice risk advice risk mmm so this one here I reckon most of their listeners and it’s probably the number one reason we started the podcast people are very susceptible to getting advice in this industry for people from the wrong people and I always say it’s the outsourcing of understanding an outsource.