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A very weak economy now Australia last Thursday we had the unemployment numbers released right now the unemployment rate fell from five point seven percent to five point six percent great news lowest in three years but if We Develop have a close lookout that data we can see that.

Australian economy is continuing to shed full-time jobs this is bad news all reemployment growth is coming out part-time employment so employers as saying look I can’t afford to give you a full-time job I haven’t got the work right but I don’t to lose you so well put you on part-time and this is another flattening of income skirt so we will seek lower interest rates on the web we’ll see higher interest rates believe me and both ways is not good newsbot. to know more about professional valuation services provider, visit:

If we get higher interest rates it will only be because of an improvement our economy and it’s something we should be embracing as a maze tiff not as a negative but that is the factor that would push obviously priced downloads in property markets well as we throw it over to the audience to get a quick one for you and put your hand up if you want us to get the mightier button of the back got a question here from Joseph can can you ask the doctor the main derives its clearance rate ok well every Saturday every Saturday we have a team of people in our offices and we ring around our agents to get results-from clearance rates so then we report our Saturday clearance rate which is Saturday clearance rate now typically we get around about .Visit@

sixty percent of listings sixty-five percent of listings reported to us on a Saturday and re-record our clearance rate as a result of that so it’s the sales including the withdrawals versus the reported okay so the point about the interest rate and of course there has been some questioning about the.

Methodology but the point about the methodology is so much the actual nature of the methodology it’s the fact that inconsistent from weekend to weekend so we are measuring the same prop we’re using the same process to measure the auction-market every Saturday every Saturday every Saturday so whether it’s eighty-percent or eighty-five percent or sixty percent it’s relative to every weekend using the same measurement process now.


Why should perform the property valuation process?

The property is very important asset to you and anyone else who is having this asset to themselves. This is the main reason for doing the property valuation process which takes less time in property valuers conduction and always beneficial for your house only. Speciality Shops acquired their interest in Waverley in November 1989 for £11.5 million. Since that date the company has been contracted to manage the Centre which has achieved strong rental and capital growth.

As it will make you know the available problems that are in your house and also the most important factor about your house is tell when the whole property valuation is going to conduct on your house and then you will be able to know the important facts about your house. In a second transaction, Milner has agreed the profitable sale of three shopping centres owned by Speciality Shops PLC to Arcadia Limited. for a total cash considersation of £12.55 million.

Then you can take necessary actions on your house to make your house more attractive and error free. The properties are the Courtyard, Cheltenham, which provides 12,500 sq.ft. of retail and restaurant space, the Corn Exchange, Leeds, a Grade 1 listed building ret; it where 43 retailers trade from 22,100 sq.ft. and the Royal Star Arcade, a scheme of 34,600 sq.ft. located in Maidstone High Street. The total annual income from these three properties is approximately £1.2 million and their net book value was £11.85 million.

Commenting on the two transactions, Stephen Jaffe, Managing Director (Property) of Milner said: “Waverley has proved an excellent investment for us, but we are attracted to the very competitive offer made by Scottish Metropolitan.We intend to invest the sale proceeds from these two transactions, amountmg to over £37 million, in sizeable Adelaide Property Valuers where our management skills can be put to optimum use.Act as a rich source of information on the quoted property sector and its various investment opportunities, contains links to individual providers of investment products and, Their average salary is £47,445, 34% higher than those working mainly in the UK (£35,458).


Property Valuation is not trying to sell property to the valuer

North Sydney freehold stock enjoyed solid investor demand from institutions, driving yields down in 2006, with prime yields breaking the sub 7.00% barrier. However, relatively softer investor demand in the strata market led yields to remain static during 2006, with yields continuing to average 7.00% to 7.50%. Reduced investor demand was contributed.

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No new supply entering the market since the completion of the Blade in 2003 and Milsons Landing in 2004 (pre-sales 2002 and 2003). A mixed outlook amongst private investors for the North Sydney market following high vacancy rates and modest rental growth.

However, this slow down in investor demand has create d opportunities, allowing savvy investors the opportunity to achieve yields greater than 7.50% Crow’s Nest / St Leonard’s is the second largest strata market on the Lower North Shore, comprising 54,600 sq m of stock across 29 buildings.This represents 28% of the Lower North Shore strata office stock and equates to 14% of the Sydney CBD strata market. Like North Sydney, Crow’s Nest / St Leonard’s strata stock is made up of a mix of B, C and D grade buildings. The average size of a strata development in the precinct is 1,700 sq m.

The Crows Nest / St Leonard’s strata market has experienced significant growth in size during recent times, increasing 35% over the past three years. , declining in size by 10% over the same period due to redevelopment of commercial space, predominately to mixed-use residential. His ha s resulted in a lower level of freehold stock in the market (the stock demolished or re-developed to mixed-use) and has increased the supply of strata commercial space, which typically comprised the ground and lower levels within new developments.

The most recently completed strata subdivision is 156 Pacific Highway comprising 3,400 sq m across 27 suites. There are currently no significant strata projects in the pipeline, however, two small scale mixed-use developments are at early stages of the development cycle.The vacancy rate in the Crows Nest / St Leonard’s strata market increased from 8.7% in July 2006 to 10.1% in January 2007 (Property Council of Australia), however continues to trend below the freehold vacancy of 11.3%.

The strata leasing market was steady 2006 with net absorption for the 12 month period of 2,595 sq m, albeit down from 2005 (6,121 sq m). However, this demand was not sufficient to meet the 3,800 sq m of new supply entering the market, leading to the increase in strata vacancy.In the 12 months to March 2007, gross effective rents for strata space experienced modest growth to range from $230/sq m to $300/sq m. Incentive levels continue to average 25%.


School districts can benefit from property valuations services

The nature of strata titles (multiple owners as oppose d to freehold) makes the task of redevelopment of such properties a difficult and costly exercise.The market has seen various mixed developments with a small commercial strata component enter the market over the past 10 year s, however only four strata developments of significance been completed during this period.

The most recent completion was 75 Miller Street, purchased by Lend Lease in 2005, which was sub-divided in 2006, however weak demand led to the strata suites being withdrawn from sale. Prior to this, Milsons Landing at 6A Glen Street was completed in 2004 comprising an NLA of 5,000 sq m across 45 strata offices and the Blade at 71 Walker Street, completed in 2003 comprising an NLA of 1,800 sq m across 20 commercial suites.

The only strata development of significance currently in the pipeline is the Luna Park site at Milsons Point, which is still in early planning stages for 2,350 sq m of strata space.Build-to-suits are the norm due to lack of modern industrial product. Outside of Mexico, there is a low supply of speculative buildings, making overbuilding unlikely.

North Sydney’s strata vacancy rate decreased from 10.7% in July 2006 to 7.1% in January 2007 (Property Council of Australia). This represents a strong decrease of 360 basis points and has brought strata vacancies back below the freehold vacancy of 7.4% for the first time since January 2005 and is below Sydney CBD strata vacancy of 7.7%.The strata leasing market picked up in the second half of 20 06 with net absorption for the 6 month period at 8,423 sq m. This was offset by a weak start to the year, with negative -733 sq m, bringing the annual net absorption to 7, 690 sq m. This take up of space followed weak demand (-6,981 sq m) in 2005.

2006 saw some investor demand return to the market with $35.34 million exchanged across 69 strata office suites with an average size of 110 sq m and value of $4,685/sq m (up 3% from 2005). However, sales volume has not reached the levels of the booms years of 2002 and 2003 which collectively accounted for $101.77 million of sales (see figure 5), driven by new supply entering the market an d investor demand on the back of strong capital growth, sales activity has been subdued from 2004 since the completion of the Blade in 2003 and pre-sales of Milsons Landing.

As the largest strata market on the Lower North Shore, North Sydney accounted for 48% of strata office sales transacted in the region during 2006. Private investors and owner occupiers remain the primary participants in the strata office market. Competition from alternative asset classes, such as tax effective superannuation and high yielding equities with the benefit of liquidity and minimal purchase costs.The service of property valuers reduced affordability of strata assets following years of strong capital growth.

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What are the commandments for buying property?

Sales volume in 2006 was down 53% from 2005 levels, with only $20.93 million changing hands across 49 strata suite sales. This equated to 4,500 sq m of strata space and accounted for 28% of strata sales transacted in the region. Suite sizes transacted averaged 122 sq m in size and $565,500 in value. This depressed sale s volume in 2006 was a result of limited new stock entering the market during the year and a softening in investor demand. Chats wood, the smallest of the Lower North Shore strata markets, consists of 47,000 sq m across 15 buildings, with an average size of 3,000 sq m.

There are currently no strata developments in the pipeline and the only mixed-use development of significance is 63A Archer Street, which on completion will have 2,600 sq m of commercial space. But it has been more volatile over the past three year s, mainly due to the size of the market. The strata vacancy rate decreased by 340 basis points from 10.2% in July 2006 to 6.8% in January 2007 (Property Council of Australia) and continues to trend below freehold vacancy. The strata leasing market picked up in the second half of 20 06 with net absorption for the 6 month period at 5,465 sq m. This was offset by a weak start to the year, with negative – 4,309 sq m, bringing the annual net absorption to 1,156 sq m.

Sales volume in 2006 was down 51% from 2005 levels, with only $17.18 million changing hands across 29 strata suites, representing 23% of strata sales transactions recorded for the Lower North Shore market. Suites transacted averaged 126 sq m in size and $592,500 in value. The highest sale for the market was Australian Pharmaceutical Publishing Company’s purchase of a 402 sq m suite at 8 Thomas Street for $1.85 million.

He depressed sales volume in 2006 was a result of limited new stock entering the market during the year and reduced investor demand. Yields in the Chats wood strata market remained static during 2006 continuing to range between 7.75 % to 8.50 %.White Collar Employment growth on the North Shore is forecast to average 1.1% per annum (644 people per annum) for the next five years, exceeding the 10 year historical average of 0.7% per annum.

Strata vacancy (7.9%) on the Lower North Shore continues to trend below freehold vacancy (10.2%), with a divergence of 230 basis points at January 2007.Private investors continue to dominate ownership of the strata office market on the Lower North Shore, followed by owner occupiers. registered property valuer is Unlike the freehold market where vacant assets may be viewed as an opportunity or value- add purchase, vacant strata suites are in lower demand than occupied stock. Therefore, whilst vacant strata suites are appealing to owner occupiers, they are not as desirable to private investors who factor lease up costs into purchase prices. finance.

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Strata office vacancy on the Lower North Shore declined during 2006 and continued to trend below freehold vacancy rates. Strata vacancy was 7.6% as at January 2007, down from 9.5% from 12 months ago. followed by a positive 14,482 sq m in the second half, to bring the total absorption for 2006 to 11,441 sq m. Demand was considerably stronger than experienced in 2005 when just 1,939 sq m of space was taken up.

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Rental growth was experienced across all three North Shore strata precincts, however was strongest in the North Sydney market. Subdued investor demand during 2006 resulted in yields holding steady over the last 12 months, mainly to due to three interest rate increases during 2006.

The North Sydney strata market comprises 83,980 sq m of stock across 26 buildings. This represents 46% of the Lower North Shore strata office stock and is equivalent to 21% of the Sydney CBD strata market. A majority of this stock is B grade (64%) and C grade (33%) and accounts for 10% of the total North Sydney office market. The average size of a strata development in North Sydney is 3,200 sq m.

The North Sydney strata market ha s increased in size by 2.9% over the past three years, this compared to its freehold counterpart, who has experienced a decline in size due to the redevelopment of commercial space, predominately to residential. This growth in stock has been driven by two factors:New mixed developments entering the market typically have a small commercial strata component, which has increased stock levels at a slow but steady rate.