Why should perform the property valuation process?

The property is very important asset to you and anyone else who is having this asset to themselves. This is the main reason for doing the property valuation process which takes less time in property valuers conduction and always beneficial for your house only. Speciality Shops acquired their interest in Waverley in November 1989 for £11.5 million. Since that date the company has been contracted to manage the Centre which has achieved strong rental and capital growth.

As it will make you know the available problems that are in your house and also the most important factor about your house is tell when the whole property valuation is going to conduct on your house and then you will be able to know the important facts about your house. In a second transaction, Milner has agreed the profitable sale of three shopping centres owned by Speciality Shops PLC to Arcadia Limited. for a total cash considersation of £12.55 million.

Then you can take necessary actions on your house to make your house more attractive and error free. The properties are the Courtyard, Cheltenham, which provides 12,500 sq.ft. of retail and restaurant space, the Corn Exchange, Leeds, a Grade 1 listed building ret; it where 43 retailers trade from 22,100 sq.ft. and the Royal Star Arcade, a scheme of 34,600 sq.ft. located in Maidstone High Street. The total annual income from these three properties is approximately £1.2 million and their net book value was £11.85 million.

Commenting on the two transactions, Stephen Jaffe, Managing Director (Property) of Milner said: “Waverley has proved an excellent investment for us, but we are attracted to the very competitive offer made by Scottish Metropolitan.We intend to invest the sale proceeds from these two transactions, amountmg to over £37 million, in sizeable Adelaide Property Valuers where our management skills can be put to optimum use.Act as a rich source of information on the quoted property sector and its various investment opportunities, contains links to individual providers of investment products and, Their average salary is £47,445, 34% higher than those working mainly in the UK (£35,458).